Created by necessity, the Fat Fasting Kit is the brainchild of Karla Cardella. It’s a fine-tuned system of 3 meals per day for 3 days that empowers your body to shed unnecessary pounds without suffering. The best part? Each delicious meal can be prepared in under 3 minutes making this a totally convenient transition into weight-loss. Karla was her own first customer, and she is proof that Fat Fasting works. Thanks to years of research and hard work, the Fat Fasting nutrition program is simple and easy to follow. Start your journey to a healthy weight today.

Science has proven that daily caloric composition is king when it comes to losing weight. In other words, it’s not just about eating less; it’s about eating differently. Based on the science of the high fat/low carb Ketogenic Diet, Fat Fasting was created as an accelerator to entering ketosis (the metabolic state of burning body fat for fuel). Fat Fasting fine tunes the relationships between calories, intermittent fasting, macronutrients, and Intermittent caloric restriction. By working with your body’s preferred metabolic process instead of against it, Fat Fasting helps you shed unnecessary weight without requiring you to feel hungry and miserable. In other words, Fat Fasting is fully sustainable. Invest in your Fat Fasting Kit today and experience the benefits.

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Accelerated fat burning

Suppressed Hunger

Lowered Glucose Levels

Sustained Muscle Mass

Reduced inflammation

Lowered Cholesterol

Improved skin elasticity and clarity

Detoxification from Carbohydrates and Sugar


I was familiar with following a high fat/low carb way of eating for some months but noticed the scale started to level off before I'd reached my goal. I researched the Fat Fasting Kit and the science was there for intermittently restricting my calories while still eating high fat/low carb. I gave it shot and after the 3 days I weighed in 7lbs lighter and noticed better joint mobility and less bloating. I'd say it worked for me!

Dave C.

I had done keto for about 4 months but fell off track and gained back about 5 pounds, which I was not happy about! I wanted to get back to keto but wanted a quicker jump start because well.. I just like a good shortcut whenever I can find one, haha. The Fat Fasting Kit worked great for getting me detoxed of all the carbs I'd been eating and my stomach was let bloated, I also noticed I was 4.5 lbs down after the 3 days were up, so I was right back on track :) Pretty sure this will be my new go-to diet reset kit.

Shauna M.

This kit had me nervous at first because I don't like to go hungry, lol. But the high fat content of the food had me pretty full the majority of the time and even greater for me was the fact that my sleep felt deeper and I had way more energy by day 2 in to the Fat Fasting Kit. By the end of the 3rd day, I weighed in 6 pounds lighter and still weeks later I haven't gained it back, so that's nice. I'm looking forward to doing this kit again in a couple of months.

Jaclyn S.

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