Created by Karla Cardella, the Fat Fasting system cancels the complexity of achieving and maintaining healthy body composition by following the simple science of food composition for effortless, lifelong results. Our Fat Fasting Kits are composed of foods that take the guesswork out of maximizing your nutrition. 

Karla began her own journey when she couldn’t lose 20 pounds after her first pregnancy. Having been relatively fit and healthy before, she was confused and frustrated that generic solutions just couldn’t touch the bloating and extra weight. She decided to take control of the process and do her own research. Investigations into high-fat/low carb solutions opened the door to a world where Karla got to work with her body instead of fighting it. She designed her own three-day Fat Fasting diet and lost the weight in just over two months. The bloating and extra weight were gone, primarily from her midsection. During the process, she didn’t feel hangry or starved at any point. She also came out the other side free of dependency on sugar and carbohydrates. Having experienced these transformative results without suffering, she immediately knew she had to share. 

If you’re frustrated with stubborn weight, you aren’t alone. Many people live in conflict with their bodies’ natural, metabolic processes. When this is the case, generic diets are risky gambles at best. Leave them behind and partner with your body for lasting health by choosing the Fat Fasting Kit. Buy yours today.